Yulu-Burri-Ba is committed to working in collaboration with our communities and other services providers to identify needs, address gaps and develop community capacity. An important feature of our organisation is our belief in community controlled governance.


At Yulu-Burri-Ba we believe in respecting our culture and the individuals within the community, which includes respecting their dignity, individuality and upholding their rights. Our organisation will demonstrate compassion for each individual’s concerns and needs and provide services in a non-judgemental and confidential manner


Yulu-Burri-Ba believes in providing the highest quality health care services that meet the expectations of our clients, communities and peers.  We will demonstrate our ability to deliver high quality health care and services through continuing to maintain accreditation status across the organisation


The value of continuous learning and ongoing development is important to Yulu-Burri-Ba. Our organisation promotes a culture of learning and innovation among our staff, clients and partners.


The value of incorporating the principles of diversity and equity in our interactions with each other, our clients and community is a significant foundation of Yulu-Burri-Ba.