World Diabetes Day 14 Nov 2017

World Diabetes Day 2017

Today is World Diabetes Day 2017.

This years theme profiles Queensland women and their inspirational leadership in the fight against diabetes.

World Diabetes Day is a campaign co-ordinated every year by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). In 2017, it promotes affordable and equitable access for women at risk of diabetes or living with diabetes to the medicines and technologies, education and information necessary to improve diabetes outcomes.

Across the world, diabetes is the ninth leading cause of death in women, resulting in 2.1 million deaths a year.

About one in seven births is affected by gestational diabetes (GDM), a severe and sometimes overlooked threat to maternal and child health. A significant number of women with GDM also go on to develop type 2 diabetes resulting in further healthcare complications and costs.

Because of socioeconomic conditions, girls and women with diabetes experience barriers in accessing cost-effective diabetes prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment and care, particularly in developing countries.

Here in Queensland, the World Diabetes Day campaign salutes local women who fight diabetes every day and win. They are health practitioners, carers, support group conveners and activists and their efforts improve life with diabetes for hundreds of Queenslanders from Mt Isa to Laidley and Weipa to Rolleston.