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Strategic Goal 1 – Services

The community, clients and their families, have trust and confidence that the clinical and primary health care services provided by Yulu-Burri-Ba are best practice, culturally appropriate and accessible.

Strategic Goal 2 – Property Matters / Capital Works

All resources that Yulu-Burri-Ba has at its disposal will be developed and managed in a responsible, appropriate and commercially sound manner while meeting the needs of the community, clients and staff.

Strategic Goal 3 – Funding and Revenue

Yulu-Burri-Ba will explore all opportunities to increase and maintain funding and self-generated revenue to ensure the delivery of best practice services to the community.

Strategic Goal 4 – Board Matters (Governance)

The leadership, compliance and demonstrated behaviours of the elected Board of Directors is critical to ensuring that the community and Members retain the confidence and respect for the custodians of Yulu-Burr-Ba’s vision and values.

Strategic Goal 5 – Capacity Building

In order to deliver and expand our services to the community into the future, Yulu-Burri-Ba must ensure that its:
• systems and processes are effective and in place and
• people are suitably qualified, trained and continue working with Yulu-Burri-Ba.

Strategic Goal 6 – Relationship and Communication

Develop effective relationships between the Board, CEO, Management, Staff and external stakeholders through effective communication.

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